Poster Title Presenter Institution
A Computational Network Perspective on Pediatric Anxiety Rany Abend NIMH
Combining fMRI data during resting state and an attention bias task in children Anita Harrewijn NIMH
Gonadal hormone administration alters neural response to both unfamiliar peer’s and own mother’s voice in adolescents Michele Morningstar Ohio State University
Targeting error-related negativity via cognitive control training as a novel intervention for anxious preschoolers Ka Ip University of Michigan
Developmental trajectories of earlier and later stages of emotional processing: A 6-year longitudinal investigation using event-related potentials Autumn Kujawa Vanderbilt University
Inflammation Influences DLPFC Response to Reward through Willingness to Expend Effort in Adolescents Melissa Nance University of Pittsburgh
Increased goal-tracking in adolescent rats is non-habitual Sara E Morrison University of Pittsburgh
Striatal dopamine contributions to the development of frontostriatal connectivity in a reward learning context Ashley Clare Parr University of Pittsburgh
A Lifespan Approach to Examining Differrences in Amydala Volume Among Individuals with and without Social and Generalized Anxiety Disorders Jennifer Suor University of Illinois at Chicago
Opposing relationships of Childhood Threat versus Deprivation on Stria Terminalis White Matter Structural Integrity Layla Banihashemi University of Pittsburgh
The Impact of Sustained and Acute Threat Exposure on Trajectories of Inflammatory Biomarkers in a Diverse Sample of Urban Adolescents Marin Kautz Temple University
Parental Regulation of Frontoamygdala Circuitry is Associated with Family Accommodation in Pediatric Anxiety Sadie Zacharek Yale University
Development of adolescent reward processing: trajectories and effects of traumatic experiences David Baranger University of Pittsburgh
Evaluation of Emotion Regulation and Reactivity in Clinical High-Risk Youth Leah Vines University of Pittsburgh
Longitudinal depression symptom trajectories in youth with Bipolar Disorders: The moderating effects of sustained attention and child maltreatement Rachel Vaughn-Coaxum University of Pittsburgh
Early life adversity alters the trajectory of BLA parvalbumin cell maturation and cued fear learning Kevin Bath Brown University
Age-associated disruptions in the brainstem in psychosis spectrum youth Sabrina Catalano University of Pittsburgh
Inflammation, Depression, and Neural Response to Reward in Adolescents of Depressed Parents Morgan Lindenmuth University of Pittsburgh
A Latent Profile Analysis of Parenting Styles and Child Irritability Julia Linke NIMH
A Twin Study of Longitudinal Effects of Family Psychopathology and Stress on Pubertal Maturation and Hormone Coupling in Adolescents Jenny Phan Iowa State University
Associations Between Early Socioeconomic Risk, Prefrontal Cortex Activation and Psychopathology During Preschool Years Shutian Shen University of Houston